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Mightburn (マイトバーン Maitobān?), whose Reversable Combination alias is Mighty Wonder (マイティー·ワンダー Maitī Wandā?)is a Purple Wonder monkey-type robot with a monkey-type biochip who was created by Speedam, although he is evil. Whenever he and Speedam eat a Wonder Seed that is unripened, fully ripened but crushed, or dead, they undergo Reversable Combination (逆転 合体 Gyakuten Gattai?) into the strongest evil alias, Mighty Wonder. He became a good robot by the shock of crashing into a temple bell. His favorite food is bananas. He ends his sentences with "Kī"(Monkey noise). Mighty Wonder's weapon is Mighty Cannons (マイティー·キャノン Maitī Kyanon?). His motif is "dog and monkey".


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