This is, as the name suggests, a to-do list that encompasses the entire wiki, where people can volunteer to do what needs to be done (add your name by writing three tildes; i.e. ~~~), as well as add stuff to the list that needs to be done. Please note, that in objectives with multiple users, the usernames must be separated with a break, as the status, except "Completed!", applies for each independent user. The statuses are (color included):

Status Code Meaning
In Progress <font color=green>In Progress</font> Does not necessarily mean "right here and now", but currently (i.e. a couple of updates a week)
On Hold <font color=gold>On Hold</font> Updated regularly, but not so often, e.g. once every 2-3 weeks
Stopped <font color=red>Stopped</font> Stopped due to lack of information, time or will. May still update, but does not see it as a personal project, meaning it's up for "adoption". (also issued if the contributor has been gone for >1 month).
Completed! <font color=blue>Completed!</font> Self-explanatory

Once an objective has been completed, cross it out by striking it through. The work will then be inspected and the list will be cleaned up (this happens in the weekends). However, new things may be added whenever.

Some suggestions can be rejected, but only by a sysop. These things will however usually be put up for discussion first, which any registered user is allowed to do. While up for discussion, the suggestion will be marked as Pending. Depending on the outcome, if accepted, the Pending is removed, if rejected, it will be struck through and marked as Rejected.


Say I noticed that some images of characters from B-Fighter Kabuto were missing. All I have to do, is add it to the list in the appropriate section (Images). It would look like this.

Objective Status Users
Add missing B-Fighter Kabuto images

After a week, two users volunteered and their current status are as follows

Objective Status Users
Add missing B-Fighter Kabuto images Stopped
In Progress

Once completed, it looks like this

Objective Status Users
Add missing B-Fighter Kabuto images Completed! User:1

During the weekend, the objective will then be deleted.


Objective Status Users
Add videos of the intros. In Progress Anyone who wants to help
Fix red links on front page. Completed! Dchallofjustice, Digi, Digifiend


Objective Status Users
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