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Messiah (メサイヤ Mesaiya?) is a espionage cyborg created by NATO. Messiah went rogue and was pursued by former Winspector leader Ryouma. A timebomb was installed inside of him as a failsafe and time was of the essence.


Past Life

Messiah was once a tourist and family man named Matsubara. He had a wife named Tomoko and a daughter named Yukari. For reasons unknown, his lifeless body ended up in possession of NATO. Dr. Kenzo Fujinami, a NATO scientist who was having complications with constructing an espionage robot, was ordered to use Matsubara's brain as a component. Matsubara was written off as another missing person.

Present Day

Messiah began to remember his past life and went rogue from NATO. The former Winspector team was tasked by NATO to take him down and joined forces with Solbrain. However cooperation between to the two teams was frustrating because Ryouma saw Messiah as a dangerous killing machine whereas Daiki saw him as a human victimized by the government. As part of Messiah's schematics, a bomb was implanted inside as a contingency. Tired of running and hiding, Messiah returned to Dr. Fujinami and demanded for the bomb to be removed. However, the bomb was sensitive and very complex by design, removal was impossible. Out of desperation to reunite with his family, Messiah threatened to self destruct in the middle of the city.


During his final battle with SolBraver, Daiki refused to kill him and begged Messiah to go wherever he wanted. Realizing time was up and there was no turning back, Messiah drove into a wall and perished in the explosion.


Messiah is shown to be an average man with thining hair and a large forehead. He has thick eyebrows and commonly wears a black jacket and white shirt.

When disguised as a woman, Messiah wears a white blouse and black skirt. She has long black hair that flowed down her body. It is revealed during the transformation sequence that she wears a sports bra and has medium sized breasts along with small lips and a small petite nose.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: For a limited time, Messiah can change his form for his missions. He can change into anybody regardless of size, gender or age. However, this power has cooldown time before he can use it again.

Other Disguise Forms Photos

Robotic features

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