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Mercenary Army Commander Jera (ジェラ?): A commander in a leotard-like red and pink costume who wears a white mannequin-like face mask and red beret. Outside of battle, she wears a red robe that hampers her full strength. She uses an electromagnetic whip that she could charge with energy, as a weapon. Jera developed a grudge against the B-Fighter since the death of her beloved friend Barla, with Gaohm forcing her not to be consumed by her petty need to avenge her comrade. She assumes human form named Gira (ジーラ Gīra?). She turns against Gaohm upon learning of Gigaro's death by his hand, allying herself only with Shadow/Black Beet, who had saved her from Schwartz's insane rage upon losing his body. After seeing Gaohm kill Hidra, Jera rebels against her former leader. Seeing Gaohm in his true form, Jera is mortally wounded and cast back down to earth. After being found by the B-Fighters, her mask disappears, revealing her as a blonde, Caucasian woman. Before dying, she reveals how the B-Fighters could infiltrate Gaohm's ship.

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