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MechaRoboter (メカロボター Mekarobotā?): A robot originally created by Daigorou. An attractive businesswoman came into the Edison shop and offered him a great sum of money if he would construct a robot for her. Daigorou, infatuated by the mystery woman, was more than happy to accept the job. The woman was really Rikki in disguise and the Waller's plan was to use the goofy inventor's creation to launch a sneak attack on Spielban. He went to work dreaming about the possibilities of fame, fortune, and women. Daigorou finally finished his robot but knock-out gas filled his shop and the Kinclons added their own secret modifications. A party was held to celebrate the robot's creation, but the robot secretly attacked Spielban with a small deadly needle in its finger. Spielban faked his demise as he was wearing protective body armor under his jacket. The robot discarded its creator's logo and changed into its Battle Mechanoid form. Spielban went into battle with it and destroyed it with his Arc Impulse.

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