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MechaMachine (メカマジン Mekamashin?): A machine gun-themed samurai robot equipped with machine gun blasters concealed under his shoulder pads. This robot could also blast a powerful laser from the sphere-like apparatus in his forehead. The Waller's plan this time was to target Diana. Once Diana was isolated at a dam, MechaMachine appeared with the Kinclons to fight her. Diana held her own as long as she could, but MechaMachine was too strong. It broke her Lady Sniper and threw her off of the dam. Injured and bleeding, Diana fled into the woods where she came face to face with Helen. Helen treated Diana's wounds but was forced to flee from the Waller's soldiers when they appeared. Both ladies parted ways and Diana once again faced off with MechaMachine, but Spielban came to the rescue this time. After loaning his gun to Diana they he destroyed MechaMachine.

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