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MechaGunman (メカガンマン Mekaganman?): A robotic sniper armed with a laser rifle and a sword. It was also the first Machine Man with the ability to speak. At the beginning of the episode, Spielban came face to face with a mystery man in a cowboy hat and poncho. MechaGunman and Spielban exchanged gunfire, but MechaGunman left the battle and demanded a showdown for later. This was also the first fight which left Spielban injured. Spielban modified his own gun and practiced his target shooting on board the Grand Nasca. Meanwhile the Waller examined the data MechaGunman had managed to collect on Spielban. When the two had their second gunfight MechaGunman had new surprises. MechaGunman generated a radar and a red laser shield to deflect Spielban's fire. Diana joined the fight but didn't fare much better against the shield. She was quickly defeated, but her fall gave Spielban the motivation to short out the gunman's shield and destroy the robot once and for all.


MachaGunman is he only one of the original Battle Mechanoid capable of speech.

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