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MechaFreezer (メカフリーザー Mekafureizā?): A robot based on a freezer and other household appliances. MechaFreezer could use his right arm like a vacuum to attack, as well as a fan-like apparatus built into his chest to blast Spielban and Diana with fierce winds and ice spray. An average family was given the chance to live their lives in comfort and fortune in a futuristic house with a safe filled with money. The youngest son felt something was not quite right about the house but the boy's parents and older siblings began to let greed set in as they became more and more conceited. The boy was a friend of Spielban's, so Spielban personally took a look at the house only to get booted out by the parents. Diana had a different approach, placing a spy camera there disguised a toy, courtesy of the Edison Shop. One night the appliances began to behave strangely. The two heroes charged in to witness the birth of MechaFreezer. While Diana got the family out, Spielban took the fight to the quarry. After being frozen, Spielban was able to unfreeze himself and destroyed the Robot with his Arc Impulse.

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