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MechaAquactor (メカノーチラ?): A small robotic tank that was assigned to guard the Waller's new underwater lab. Daigorou and a friend were fishing nearby and accidentally snagged MechaAquactor. The robot then pulled them both into the aquatic base where they were greeted by the bathing suit-clad Rikki, Gasher and Shadow. Shortly afterwards the men were released after the Waller femmes fatale flirted with them. Daigorou told Spielban about the underwater paradise, which made him suspect that the Waller may be involved. After discovering the lab Spielban was attacked by Waller's jets and MechaAquactor. MechaAquactor mercilessly drove over Spielban and then transformed into a full humanoid form. Spielban took a heavy beating but was saved thanks to a recharge from Diana. Spielban used his finishing attack on MechaAquactor while riding his motorcycle. Aquactor seems to come from the combined words of "aqua" and "tractor".

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