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Jiban holding Maximillian TYPE-3 in Maximillian Gun mode.

Maximillian TYPE-3 (マクシミリアン TYPE-3 Makushimirian Taipu 3?) is Jiban's personal weapon. Concealed in a collapsible holster located on his right thigh, it can transform into either 3 modes:

  • Maximillian Stick (マクシミリアンスティック Makushimirian Sutikku?): A jitte-like, basic mode of Maximillian TYPE-3. It can releases a high-voltage current Disclose Shock. Normally, it is stored in this form.
  • Maximillian Gun (マクシミリアンガン Makushimirian Gan?): A laser gun mode of Maximillian TYPE-3. In addition to the normal destructive lasers, Jiban can also shoot a laser called Last Shooting and Search Buster.
  • Maximillian Sword (マクシミリアンソード Makushimirian Sōdo?): A sword mode of Maximillian TYPE-3. By collecting energy, it becomes a shining deadly weapon. This weapon (in this form) is used to execute Jiban End, Jiban Haken Crash and Jiban Flying Crash, and Jiban End is the attack he always uses.


  • Only in the opening video, shown the sequence that pops out when the back of the left wrist is hit like a stamp with the right fist.
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