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Macho No.5 (マッチョナンバー5, Matcho Nanbā 5, 41): Schwartz's older brother, though Schwartz actually built him. He was injured in a battle with the B-Fighters. Schwartz entered Macho's head to pilot him personally, mostly to help him. The two together were a formidable enemy, and Macho's final plan to get rid of the B-Fighter was a self-destruct switch he had installed in himself. He activated it and planned to take out the B-Fighter with him when he exploded, and so he told Schwartz to get out of his body. Schwartz refused, since they were brothers. But seconds before his death, Macho ejected Schwartz for his own safety. The only bit of remains of Macho that Schwartz found later, was his eyepiece. He took it as a memento of his brother and vowed to his brother he would defeat the B-Fighters for him.

Macho Number 5's face later appeared on Destruction God Jagul.

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