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Love's Rival is a Cruching Biker Family (恋のライバルはバリバリ爆走族 Koi no Raibaru wa Baribari Bakusōzoku?) is the sixteenth episode of Choujinki Metalder. This episode marks the first appearance of Hakko Kita.


An aspiring biker ends up being pursued by a squad of Neros assassins aiming for Metalder. Will Metalder save the biker from a squad of Neros' assassins?


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  • This is the first appearance of Crosslander.
  • Although Top Gunder appeared as a silhouette for a brief moments, this episode marks the unofficial return of him until the next episode.

DVD Releases

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Choujinki Metalder Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.

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