LottaMuggs is a multi-faced amoeba monster.

The Magnavores stole the Amulet of Subjugation which hypnotizes people into become the wearer's servants as seen in "Nano in the House." It belonged to LottaMuggs. LottaMuggs was determined to get his amulet back at any cost. LottaMuggs could summon blasts from his hands as well as turn into flying worm-like energy projectiles. He was eventually defeated by the Sonic Lasers.

He was released from the comics by Vexor in the "Curse of the Shadow Borg" saga where he was one of the victims of Drew's Thunder Stinger (before upgrading to Mega-Blue).

He was released again by Nukus during "Borgslayer!."

Roland mentions that he is from issue #17 of the Beetleborgs comics.


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