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In a departure from previous installments of the Metal Heroes Series, Tokkei Winspector did not feature any major villains, monsters, or an evil organization. Most episodes in the series featured human criminals committing realistic crimes as typically seen in police and crime dramas. Some criminals and/or their schemes that require suspension of disbelief have been noted.

Major Criminals

  • Professor Onikichi Kuroda (黒田鬼吉博士 Kuroda Onikichi Hakase?): A bitter scientist who was jealous of his rival, Toshio Takazawa. Kuroda created an android to kidnap Takazawa’s grandchild and destroy his laboratory. Kuroda was confronted and arrested by Junko.
  • Android R24 (アンドロイドR24 Andoroido Aru Nī Yon?): A robot created by Onikichi Kuroda to abduct the grandchild of his creator’s rival. His abilities included super strength and shooting laser blasts from his hands. Android R24 stole a tanker truck which he intended to use to blow up the lab of the baby’s grandfather. Android R24 was destroyed when Fire redirected the tanker to collide with a wall.
  • Death-God Moss (死神モス Shinigami Mosu?, Reaper Moss): An international terrorist wanted by Interpol. Moss came to Japan to steal rare seed samples from a secured botanical laboratory. The seeds were meant to combat an upcoming famine that was predicted for the 21st century. With the seeds in his possession, Moss could potentially conquer the world. Moss had a large army at his beck and call, including a pair of female soldiers who drove a super sports car that destroyed the WinSquad and severely injured Ryouma. He also had a spy within the lab who provided invaluable information and access to the coveted seeds. However, Winspector discovered the spy, rebuilt the WinSquad with the new FireSquad upgrade, and gave chase to Moss and his femme fatales. Moss was arrested by Fire.
  • Brian (ブライアン Buraian?): Brian is a robot cop with the same system as Bikel and Walter, thus being their brother. He was created to serve and protect people. He has good memories of a girl called Natsumi, Bikel and Walter, but Yuuichi Hirosaki hijacks Brian, forcing the robot to do terrible things, but he is defeated by Ryouma Kagawa with his new weapon, the GigaStreamer.Brian regains consciousness, but activates self-destruct, but not before remembering his true purpose: Being a Hero.
  • Yuuichi Hirosaki (広崎雄一 Hirosaki Yuuichi?): A psychotic scientist that lost his daughter and hijacked Brian to have his revenge against motorbikers and police officers.
  • Saburo Murata (村田三郎 Murata Saburō??): A criminal capable of creating several clones of himself, Thus, happening a series of assaults in the city. When he fought against Winspector, he activated a bomb in his hideout and threatened to activate it with his remote control. However, a clone of him, when spawned, pressed the remote control's button and the hideout explodes with Saburo dying inside the building.

Minor Criminals

  • Toru Adachi (安達徹 Adachi Tōru?): A serial bomber and radio control toy enthusiast who was angry that his favorite places to play had been overtaken by skyscrapers. Adachi rigged his R/C toys with bombs to destroy the offending buildings. He had also created acid spewing R/C bugs and used them against Hisako when she located his hideout. Adachi was personally arrested by Fire with the Hand Wapper.
  • Henry Noguchi (ヘンリー 野口 Henrī Noguchi?): An underground broker wanted by Interpol. His henchmen, the Crane and Turtle Duo, were supposed to steal a rare viper, but the snake was lost during the robbery. In his search for the missing viper, he came across Ryota and a neighborhood bully, Tetsuo, who had been bitten by the viper. Noguchi kidnapped Tetsuo to analyze the venom in the boy’s body. Noguchi was apprehended by Fire and Bikel slapped on the Hand Wapper.
  • The Crane and Turtle Duo (ツルカメ・コンビ Tsuru Kame Konbi?): Hidenori Tsuruta (鶴田秀範 Tsuruta Hidenori?) and Makoto Kameda (亀田誠 Kameda Makoto?) are a pair of bumbling criminals who work for a criminal named Henry Noguchi. They broke into a research facility and stole a rare viper and the antidote for its venom. Because of their stupidity, the duo lost the viper, putting the city in danger. They were apprehended by Junko and interrogated to reveal their boss’ hideout.
  • Kyohei Tajima (田島京平 Tajima Kyōhei?): A 20 year old criminal who specialized in hacking into high security bank vaults. Winspector was tracking him because his younger sister had been injured in an unrelated hostage situation and required a transfusion. Unfortunately, the siblings had been separated for so long that Tajima disavowed her and the promises he made in their youth. With Ryouma’s influence, Tajima came to his sister’s need and turned himself in.
  • Professor Gondo (権藤博士 Gondō Hakase?): A disgraced biologist who proposed a crazed theory of using biotechnology to alter human beings. In need of funding, Gondo trained a condor named Hayate to attack his former assistants and extort money from them. The Winspector team traced Hayate to Gondo and arrested him.
  • Hayate (ハヤテ Hayate?): A Giant Bird that had been enhanced with super strength, human-like intelligence, and trained to be a killer. Hayate was originally owned by Ryota’s friend, Kazuo, who rescued and nursed him as a hatchling. Unable to stay with Kazuo, Hayate was placed into the care of Professor Gondo, an evil biologist. Gondo fed Hayate animals treated with growth serum and trained him to attack anything or anyone wearing the color gold. Winspector tracked Hayate to his nest, but gave the team a difficult fight. Fire shot Hayate with a taser blast from his Daytric M2, which undid Gondo’s programming.
  • Ichiro Hirukawa (日留川一郎 Hirukawa Ichirō?): A psychologist who created a sonic device that brainwashed adults into susceptible children. Hirukawa’s intentions were noble at first by helping people eliminate stress that came with adulthood. However, his colleagues deemed his work unethical because potential patients would be nothing more than mindless puppets. Angered, Hirukawa set up a private clinic where he could apply his brainwashing technology unhindered. Before being arrested by Ryouma and Junko, Hirukawa instructed his victims to blow up a chemical plant as a declaration of his revenge. After seeing his plans foiled by Winspector, Hirukawa broke down into a maniacal laughing mess.
  • Jyoji Kageyama (影山錠二 Kageyama Jiyōji?): A crime boss who escaped police custody while en route to prison. Before fleeing the country, Kageyama wanted revenge on a man named Murata, who got him arrested in the first place. To lure Murata out of hiding, Kageyama kidnapped Murata’s daughter and planned on keeping her until he escaped the country. Winspector came to the rescue, defeated Kageyama’s henchmen, and Fire arrested Kageyama.
  • Genichi Yonekura (米倉源一 Yonekura Gen'ichi?): A thief that stole a newly created jet fuel from a research facility with the intent to sell it for big money. Yonekura anticipated the police setting up checkpoints, so he hired an unsuspecting family of Winspector wannabes to serve as a decoy. The patriarch of the family had an uncanny resemblance to Yonekura. Winspector tracked down Yonekura and Fire made the arrest.
  • Goro Karasawa (唐沢吾郎 Karasawa Gorō?): A serial bomber and the man responsible for the death of Hisako's father, Masanobu Koyama. Six years ago, Commander Masaki, along with Koyama and their bomb sniffing dog Alec, cornered Karasawa during his latest caper. Karasawa was injured by Alec but managed to escape while Koyama sacrificed his life. In the interim, Karasawa changed his name to Jiro Kitami (北見次郎 Kitakami Jirō?), masked his fingerprints, had plastic surgery to hide his facial wounds, and plotted revenge on Masaki and Alec. Karasawa stalked Masaki at his home and planted a bomb collar on Alec. Hisako confronted Karasawa and personally arrested him.
  • Tatsuo Tamura (田村達夫 Tamura Tatsuo?) and Jiro Tamura (田村次郎 Tamura Jirō?): Tatsuo is a crooked real estate agent that used arson to sabotage apartment buildings that he would buy cheap and sell for big money. His brother Jiro developed a sonic seismic generator that would cause greater damage and lower the value of their targeted properties even more. Both brothers were arrested by Ryouma and Junko and their machine was shut down.
  • Shigeru Kanzaki (神崎茂 Kanzaki Shigeru?): An international smuggler who was known as the Merchant of Death. Kanzaki kidnapped Ryota and his school crush Akane in order to blackmail Ryouma into handing over a supply of enriched uranium from France. With Ryouma under his thumb, Kanzaki expected no interference from Winspector. However, Ryouma managed to alert the team with Morse Code, secure the uranium, rescue Ryota and Akane, and arrest Kanzaki.
  • Robo (ロボオ Roboo?): An experimental robot that was designed to assist humans from birth to old age. Unfortunately Robo had a flaw in its defense system that, when activated, would turn it into a killer machine. Robo was stolen by a pair of strange men, but ended up in the hands of a boy named Akio, whose father was part of it's development team. Akio and Robo bonded, but the sudden appearance of the thieves caused Robo's defense system to activate. Robo upgraded its body by absorbing any available objects to protect Akio, including firearms, Bikel's BiSpears and Walter's DiSlider. Even with the thieves arrested, Robo still saw law enforcement as a threat. The government ordered a missile strike to terminate Robo, but the team believed Robo could be redeemed and protected it from the missile. Robo reverted to its original form and was sent back to Switzerland to be repaired.
  • Iwao Yagami (八神巌 Yagami Iwaô?):A hitman who planned for revenge Masaki.
  • Yuji Katsuta (勝田祐次 Katsuta Yuji?):A heinous Bomber hired by Iwao Yagami.
  • Takashi Komine (小峰孝 Komine Takashi?) and Haruo Oki (大木春男 Ōki Haruo?):A criminals who wanted disassemble a Walter to piece.
  • Alien Organism (宇宙生命体 Uchū seimei-tai?)
  • Goro Eto (上野山功一 Etō Gorō?)
  • Tadashi Murakawa (甲斐道夫 Murakawa Masa?)
  • Ryuji Otsuka (大塚竜次 Ōtsuka Ryūji?)
  • Otohiko Hyodo (兵藤乙彦 Hyōdō Otohiko?)
  • Atsushi Narita (成田敦 Narita Atsushi?)
  • Yumiko Togawa (戸川弓子 Togawa Yumiko?)
  • Akio Morikawa (森川昭夫 Morikawa Akio?)
  • Koichi Mishima (三島晃一 Mishima Koichi?)
  • Dr.Sakai (堺博士 Sakai hakase?)
  • Director Ishino (堺博士 Ishino Shochō?)
  • Okuda (堺博士 Okuda?)
  • Abnormal plant (異常植物 Ijō Shokubutsu?)
  • Hisao Yuasa (湯浅久夫 Yuasa Hisao?)
  • Satoshi Kuroiwa (黒岩哲 Kuroiwa Satoshi?) Koji Murai (村井公次 Murai Kōji?) and Ryuji Nishimoto (西本竜二 Nishimoto Ryūji?)
  • Mayumi Kirimoto (桐本真弓 Kirimoto Mayumi?)
  • Mitsuo Kirimoto (桐本光男 Kirimoto Mitsuo?)
  • Shuzo Nagahama (長浜修三 Nagahama Shuzo?)
  • Chen ( Chin?) and Mago ( Mago?)
  • Carla/Miyuki Fukano (カルラ Karura?)
  • Seiichi Nitta (新田誠一 Nitta Seiichi?)
  • Toru Miyabe (宮部徹 Miyabe Tōru?)
  • Vampire Human Face Bat (吸血人面コウモリ Kyūketsu jinmen kōmori?)
  • Giant bird (巨大怪鳥 kyodai kaichō?)
  • Masao Murano (村野正夫 Murano Masao?) and Hitoshi Sasaki (佐々木等 Sasaki Hitoshi?)
  • Junkichi Furusawa (古沢淳吉 Furusawa Junkichi?)
  • Makoto Akiyoshi (秋吉誠 Akiyoshi Makoto?)
  • Yukawa (湯川 Yukawa?) and Matsuyama (松山 Matsuyama?)
  • Tatsuhiko Shibata (柴田達彦 Shibata Tatsuhiko?)
  • Dr.Arai (新井博士 Arai hakase?)
  • Navia (ナビア Nabia?) and Amazones Corps (アマゾネス軍団 Amazonesu gundan?)
  • Tadao Hirata (平田忠雄 Hirata Tadao?)
  • Kamiya (神谷 Kamiya?) and Matoba (的場 Matoba?)
  • Toyo Aoki (青木東洋 Aoki tōyō?)
  • Rokusuke Akai/Phantom Thief Akaroku (赤井六助/怪盗赤六 Akai Rokusuke/ kaitō aka roku?)
  • Gosuke Inagaki (稲垣剛介 Inagaki Gōsuke?)
  • Kiyoshi Inagaki/Tatsuo Akai (稲垣清/赤井 達夫 inagaki kiyoshi/Akai Tatsuo?)
  • Yada (矢田 Yada?) and Uragkami (浦上 Uragami?)
  • Henry (ヘンリー Henrī?)
  • Fumihiko Imaizumi (今泉文彦 Imaizumi Fumihiko?)
  • Shigeru Imaizumi (今泉茂 Imaizumi Shigeru?)
  • Tsuyoshi Iwaki (岩城剛 Iwaki Tsuyoshi?) {{nihongo|Hiroshi Kitami|北見ヒロシ|Kitami Hiroshi} and Seiji Taguchi (田口成二 Taguchi Seiji?)
  • Yoneyoshi Yoneyama (米山米吉 Yoneyama Yonekichi?)
  • Isamu Fujiwara (藤原勇 Fujiwara Isamu?)
  • Shunichi Ashikawa (芦川俊一 Ashikawa Shun'ichi?)
  • Katsuzo Otaguro (太田黒勝造 Ōtaguro Katsuzō?)
  • Yasushi Egawa (家川靖 EKawa Yasushi?) Saburo Asai (浅井三郎 Asai Saburō?) and Tomekichi Hirosawa (広沢留吉 Hirosawa Tomekichi?)
  • Satonaka (里中 Satonaka?)


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