This article is about a/an redeemed villain in Choujinki Metalder.

Madonna is the only female Light Fighter. She was also special for working specifically and only in Coolgin's army. Originally seen as a slave, like Wisdom, she proved to be a strong and brave fighter when she protected an exhausted fellow slave from Wogger's blows. Coolgin, having watched the altercation, was impressed by her combat skills and promoted her to Light Fighter. Before becoming a slave, she was a tennis player who was "recruited" by The Secretaries to work as a slave by rebuilding damaged robots for the Empire. She had a sister, whom Metalder rescued and took to a hospital, after the girl appeared injured to him. Once promoted, Wogger gave her a falcata sword with which to battle, as well as the new name/title of Madonna and freedom from her slave rank. Also ala Wisdom, she faked being a damsel in distress on the beach, only to turn on and attack Metalder after he tried to help her. Metalder recognized her from her sister's picture and tried to talk some sense into her by telling her that her sister was alive, which caused her to leave the battle. She returned to Wogger after her battle with Metalder and Wogger implanted a device into her armor to help her in her next battle with him. In reality, unknown by her, it was a detonation device. She was then used a decoy, faking a needed rescue, only to be saved by Metalder, luring him into a trap. Once he discovered it was a trap, Metalder used his Laser Arm attack to destroy her weapon and with Springer's help, learned of the bomb in her armor and chucked it out of her before it could harm them. Upon learning that she had been used, and that Metalder was right all along, she attacked Wogger long enough for Metalder to escape. Afterwards, she left the Empire and with Metalder's help was reunited with her sister in the hospital. Aside from her sword and armor she could also jump high into the air.

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