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"The Lazer Blade is a Space Sheriff's soul."
Retsu Ichijouji to Geki Jumonji[src]

Laser Blade (レーザーブレード Rēzā Burēdo?) is the name of the Space Sheriff's signature sword.

List of Laser Blade


Gavan's Laser Blade.

Gavan's Laser Blade (yellow-colored light).

Gavan Type-G's Laser Blade.

A single-handed sword that is Gavan's main weapon. Became a sword of light when Gavan channeled a Dynamic Laser Power (ダイナミックレーザーパワー Dainamikku Rēzā Pawā?) from his palm into the blade part. Its signature finisher is Gavan Dynamic. In the movie Gokaiger Vs. GavanIcon-crosswiki.png, he showed a function of his sword whose blade can be turned into a ribbon, much like Shaider's Laser Whip.

This sword was then handed over to Geki Jumonji who has become the new Space Sheriff, Gavan Type-G. Geki launches a different finishing attack with the first Gavan, known as Gavan Hyper Dynamic.


Sharivan's Laser Blade.

New Sharivan's Laser Blade.

A single-handed sword that is Sharivan's main weapon. By injecting Solar Energy (ソーラーエネルギー Sōrā Enerugī?), it demonstrates three times the sharpness. Use this to perform a signature finisher, Sharivan Crash.

This sword was then handed over to Kai Hyuga who had replaced Den as the new Sharivan.


Shaider's Laser Blade.

New Shaider's Laser Blade.


  • Total Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg

The photon energy sword, which is Shaider's main weapon. It can be transformed into a whip called Laser Whip (レーザー・ウィップ Rēzā U~ippu?). Its signature finisher is Shaider Blue Flash. It cannot be used unless the user's energy and concentration are narrowed down to the limit[note 1]. Unlike Gavan and Sharivan, energy is injected into the blade with the right hand, so once the energy is injected into the left hand, the energy is injected into the right hand again. In the series, Shaider often showed a pattern of firing a Shaider Blue Flash after attacking with a combination of his Laser Blade and a weapon stolen from the enemy.

This sword was then handed over to Shu Karasuma who had replaced Dai as the new Shaider.


Just like the three main Space Sheriffs, Estevan was also armed with a Laser Blade while fighting, also used to launch the signature finisher, Estevan Aggresion.

Laser Blade Origin

Gavan with Laser Blade Origin.

Gavan Type-G using Laser Blade Origin.

Laser Blade Origin (レーザーブレードオリジン Rēzābu Rēdo Orijin?) is a Laser Blade that was once used by the first Gavan. It was broke during the battle with Makuu, but was rebuilt on Juspion's hometown of Planet Ejin.

After being handed over to Geki to replace his broken sword, Geki uses this sword by launching new finisher Gavan Cosmic All Dynamic (ギャバンコズミックオールダイナミック?).


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  • In the early part of the series, it was a sword with a short blade, and the grip was engraved with a mold with the motif of the Bird Star's emblem[note 2]. After that, there was an accident that broke during shooting, and it changed from the middle series to a longsword, and the pattern of the previous mold disappeared and changed into a mere striped groove.
  • When it shines, it is mainly processed by optical composition, but from the middle series, a scene where a fluorescent sword for special effects is used will appear because of the relationship between realistic light adjustment and saving the trouble of composition.
  • The Laser Blade is similar to the iconic Lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise, but with one notable difference. The Laser Blade is a solid metal blade that is charged with energy that makes it glow, while the Lightsaber is a contained solid construct of energy.
  • In the Tagalog dub of Shaider, Laser Blade was changed to Shaider Cutter and Shaider Blue Flash finishing move was changed to Shaider Super Slash.


  1. From episode 19. Gavan and Sharivan have never been unable to activate their Laser Blades due to their lack of experiences.
  2. Later, it was set as Laser Blade Origin in V-Cinema Gavan Vs. DekarangerIcon-crosswiki.png.