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The revival version of Great Emperor Kubilai of the original series. Kuuma Le-ar is the evil leader of the Kuuma Empire bent on annihilating all beings in the galaxy. 20 years later after he was defeated by Shaider, he was revived by Ida by using a blood of Annie to destroy the entire galaxy once again. Le-ar is a giant head with a third eye on his forehead and permanently situated on the center Kuuma Palace wall. He "bears" the Kuuma monsters by spewing out a cocoon from its mouth. He seeks to retrieve his body which was found on Earth before Zaido Squad does. When Ramiro and group of Kuumas found the lost body of Le-ar, the lord of Kuuma merges his lost body into man-size form (unlike the original Kubilai that has large head attached to his small body) so that he would become more powerful than ever. He fuses with Ramiro when he refuses his condition in order to get Debbie back to her father. He resurrects his previous monsters, which the Zaido Squad defeated them, to bring forth the destruction and chaos on Planet Earth. He duels Zaido Blue, Zaido Green and Zaido Red in the final Time Space Warp battle. He is beheaded by Zaido Blue. He and his grandson Ida who becomes old are now trapped inside the Time Space Warp forever and both died. His body is now destroyed to make the Earth peace.

Kuuma and his minions. The design is very.different fro Kubilai.

Kuuma Le-ar is voiced by Tirso Cruz III, who also played Ramiro.

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