Kombat Knat is a blue/lavender gnat monster with large teeth that could shrink in size.

In "Buggin' Out," the Magnavores released him from the comics so that he could act as a spy at Hillhurst. However, Flabber was messing around with a teleportation machine while Kombat Knat crept inside. The machine fused them together and Flabber slowly transformed into Kombat Knat (similar to Jeff Goldblum in The Fly). The Beetleborgs were faced with a difficult dilemma: let Charterville get destroyed by Kombat Knat, or fight Kombat Knat (which meant having to fight Flabber) and risk losing Flabber forever. Kombat Knat was destroyed and sent back to the comics by the Beetleborgs' weapons, but Flabber somehow survived much to the happy surprise of the kids and Hillhurst monsters.

Kombat Knat later reappeared in "Borgslayer!" when Nukus released him amongst other monsters where he was taken down for good by Drew's Thunder Stinger (in Mega Blue Beetleborg mode).

He is mentioned as being from issue #144 of the comic book series.


  • The costume for Kombat Knat was recycled for Men in White as one of the aliens on Glaxxon's ship.
  • The costume for Kombat Knat was used in the Power Rangers in Space episode "Countdown to Destruction" as a member of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's army and as a member of the Machine Empire's army.

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