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This article is about a/an space sheriff in Uchuu Keiji Gavan.

"Uchuu Keiji Sharivan!"
―Sharivan's roll call[src]

Kai Hyuga (日向 快 Hyūga Kai?) is the new Space Sheriff Sharivan, Den Iga's successor. When he transforms with the command Sekisha (赤射 Sekisha?, Red Shine), the Grand Birth envelops him with Solar Metal particles that it absorbs from solar flares to form his armor within milliseconds. As Sharivan, he uses the Laser Blade sword in his signature move Sharivan Crash or the Crimebuster hand gun. Sharivan uses Prism Goggles to see clearly the object. It is a rectangular yellow glasses with crystal particles.


Gavan the Movie

Along with Shu Karasuma (Space Sheriff Shaider), Kai was the senior of Geki Jumonji (Gavan Type G). The two returned from duty on the planet Beeze as Geki was reprimanded by Commander Qom for failing to protect the data that was taken during the fight at the SARD complex by the Makuu. The Galactic Union chose to assign the two Space Sheriffs Sharivan and Shaider to take over the task of protecting Earth. However, Geki convinced Qom to give him another chance and returned to Earth.

Later on, when Geki as Gavan Type-G arrived at the Makuu Castle to save Itsuki and thwart the arrival of Don Horror, Witch Kill and Zan Vardo stood in his way until Kai and Shu suddenly appeared. Transforming into Sharivan and Shaider respectively, they told Geki to go on ahead as they handled the two Makuu villains. Geki moved on as the other two Space Sheriffs engaged the Makuu, with Sharivan taking on Witch Kill while Shaider fought Zan Vardo. As Geki confronted Brighton, the two Space Sheriffs eventually concluded their battle, with Sharivan taking Witch Kill out with the Sharivan Kick then finishing her off with the Sharivan Crash as Shaider did the same with Zan Vardo. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie

Super Hero Taisen Z

Sharivan appeared in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z, where he fights Kamen Rider Beast, Gokai Silver & Kamen Rider Wizard. Sharivan is forced to stop pursuing the other heroes to fight Space Shocker until they flee through a portal leading to the Genmu World and Geki also dives there by himself to investigate. Kai later returns and provides evidence of the villains who framed Wizard and Beast are using magic powers and are on the move to revive Madou. He informs Geki that they have one hour until the Galactic Union fires their main weapon to destroy the Earth, then leaves to call Shaider for reinforcement. After Space Shocker and Madou's defeat, he along with the other heroes bid their farewells.

Super Hero Taisen Otsu

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Uchuu Keiji Sharivan: The Next Generation

Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G is in process of making an arrest, and bringing his current case to close as Space Sheriff Sharivan, Hyuuga Kai is assigned to find a ‘rat’ within the Galactic Union Police. During the operation to discover the ‘rat’ in organization, Sharivan is tasked to inspect Officer Aileen the lead suspect while teaming with Seigi, Space Sheriff Estevan. The two Space Sheriffs are from Planet Iga, they grew up together and were mentored by the original Sharivan, Den Iga. The group is tasked with arresting General Guyler, and his group known as Neo-Madou who is distributing a super-steroid called “Hyper-M”. While in their pursuit for General Guyler, Sharivan searches for clues to piece Aileen as the spy, as twists and turns lead him to an unexpected result… Seigi, was the spy all along. Kai confronts and defeats him. While everything occurs an overseeing villainess watches over the matters at hand...

Uchuu Keiji Shaider: The Next Generation

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Space Squad

Shaider & Sharivan Space Squad.jpg

Alongside Shaider, Sharivan was a candidate to join the Space SquadIcon-crosswiki.png, a combined force of Sentai and Metal Heroes assembled by the Galactic Union Police under Geki Jumonji to combat the Genmakuu crime cult. Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Sharivan's Suit

Space Sheriff Sharivan

Space Sheriff Sharivan

Kai wearing a crimson Combat Suit (コンバットスーツ Konbatto Sūtsu?) inherited from the previous Sharivan, Den Iga. The Combat Suit deposition is performed by command "Sekisha!" (赤射!? lit. "Red Shot").

Unlike Gavan Type-G, the suit appearance is exactly the same as the one worn by Den.




Sword hidden in a compartment on the left hip Sharivan.

Sharivan Kick

Sharivan jumps before performing a scissors movement with his legs to carry two kicks after hit or two opponents at once.

Spark Bomber

Sharivan plunges his opponent spinning on itself before giving him a punch.

Elbow Hammer

Sharivan hits his opponent with the elbow.

Sharivan Punch

Sharivan jumps before hitting his opponent with his fist.

Magnum Chop

Sharivan jumps before wearing a collar around the neck of his opponent.

Sharivan Crash

Sharivan Clash

As Sharivan, he uses the Laser Blade sword in his signature move Sharivan Crash to Strike hit the opponent. In Super Hero Taisen Z Sharivan performs Sharivan Crash Against Arc Orphnoch. Sharivan uses Prism Goggles to see clearly the object. It is a rectangular yellow glasses with crystal particles.

Space Sheriff Triple Dynamic

Tumblr nfi67hNc8c1rbt4xmo2 1280.jpg

"Gavan Dynamic" of Gavan type.G, "Sharivan Crash" of Sharivan, "Shaider Blue Flash" Shaider, "plasma canon of" Vavilos", Grand Bath of Electronic Starbeast Dol (Battle Birth Formation) ", simultaneous attack of" Vavilos Fire "of Vavilos battle formation.


Ranger Key

Sharivan Ranger Key

The Sharivan Key (シャリバン Shariban Kī?) is a Metal Heroes Ranger KeyIcon-crosswiki.png released as part of the Ranger Keys Metal Hero Edition in Bandai Premium. It is unknown if it will appear in a future crossover. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transformIcon-crosswiki.png one, i.e. one of the GokaigersIcon-crosswiki.png, into Sharivan.




Behind the scenes


Kai Hyuga is portrayed by Riki Miura (三浦 力 Miura Riki?), who previously portrayed Gou Fukami/GekiVioletIcon-crosswiki.png in Juken Sentai GekirangerIcon-crosswiki.png. As Space Sheriff Sharivan, his suit actor in Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie is Ryuichi Matsumoto (松本 竜一 Matsumoto Ryuichi?), while his Super Hero Taisen Z suit actor was Riichi Seike (清家 利一 Seike Riichi?), his NEXT GENERATION suit actor is Hirokazu Iwakami (岩上 弘数 Iwakami Hirokazu?).

In early 2018, Riki Miura announced his retirement from the entertainment business, leading to Kai Hyuga being absent in future Metal Hero productions starting with Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad, which introduced Touma Amagi/World Ninja Jiraiya to fill in for his absence.


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