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Josh Baldwin is the White Blaster Beetleborg.


Josh is granted the ability of invisibility by Flabber, which he activated by dusting his hands. He was on the team for a very short period of time. The White Blaster Beetleborg was created after Shadowborg, an evil clone of the Beetleborgs, stole their Beetleborg powers. His Beetleborg form was drawn up by Arthur Fortunes. He succeeded in getting their powers back. However, it was soon discovered that the White Blaster and Shadowborg were linked in a fashion of yin and yang (mainly because the White Blaster powers were created solely to battle Shadowborg), meaning if one was destroyed, the other would lose his power forever (it could be assumed that it didn't really bother him, seeing as he felt he couldn't handle a superhero life). Josh and Drew were rivals to fall for Heather. Josh accompanied the Beetleborgs in the final battle against Shadowborg, where he transformed for the final time. Shadowborg was defeated by Drew (in his Mega Blue Beetleborg form), and due to the link, Josh lost his powers, at which point, Josh returned to a normal life. Arthur Fortunes plans to add the White Blaster Beetleborg to his comics alongside Blue Stinger Beetleborg's Mega Borg form.

Although he said that if the others ever needed him again, he'd be there, but this was the last we saw of him. It was slightly hinted that Jo had a crush on him.

His armor was modeled after a hercules beetle.

He had the ability to project a fireball "Blast" for an attack, called the "Borg Beam".

White Blaster Beetleborg's Blast


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White Blaster Beetleborg

White Blaster Beetleborg


Appearances: Big Bad Beetleborgs Episodes 28-31


  • None of the Japanese Footage Of White Blaster was used, one of the reasons being the last 2 episodes of Juukou B-Fighter showing the unadapted Blue Swat. The other reason being the White Blaster Borg's Japanese counterpart used a revolver.
  • He and Roland are the only members of their team to not be related to any of their teammates.
  • Josh shares several characteristics with Tommy Oliver, a character from Power Rangers.
    • Both moved into town shortly before gaining powers, both wore white (although Tommy was initially Green), both wound up losing their powers, and both had the civilian power to turn invisible (although Tommy had the power to turn invisible years after Big Bad Beetleborgs, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder).


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