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This article is about a/an villain in Blue SWAT.

Jisp (ジスプ?) is a member of the Space Mafia and a major villain in Blue Swat. His first host of choice was a comatose boy named Zaji (ザジ Zaji?), the son of Sig's human host. He later used another host, only known as Monsieur J (ムッシュJ Musshu Jei?).


Ten years before the series began, Zaji was involved in the same automobile accident that left Sig's host brain dead. Shortly afterwards, Jisp invaded Zaji's body and commenced the plan to take over the earth.

Jisp took full advantage of Zaji and Sig's relation by forcing Sig to hesitate and stand down anytime they fought, and would use Zaji's body as a shield. Fortunately, this terrible ordeal came to an end when Zaji's mind fought back and forced Jisp out of his body. But without Jisp, Zaji once again went comatose and was put in suspended animation by Gold Platinum.

At the end of the B-Fighter series, Jisp's first form was revived and absorbed by Jagul, where his face appeared in the center of her new body. His first form's head made a cameo in Big Bad Beetleborgs through Borgslayer.


Jisp has the ability to conjure fireballs in each hand and launch them at his enemies. Like his fellow aliens, he too can invade human hosts.


Behind the scenes


Jisp was voiced by Yuuichirou Komine (小峰 裕一朗 Komine Yūichirō?) (played as Yuuichi Komine (小峰 裕一 Komine Yūichi?), who previously voiced the eponymous hero of Tokusou Robo Janperson.