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Jiraiya Power Protecter

Toha in the Jiraiya Power Protector Suit.

Jiraiya Power Protector (ジライヤパワープロテクター Jiraiya Pawā Purotekutā?): A set of upgrade parts created by Dr. Smith that can be added to the Jiraiya Suit, they are introduced in Episode 11. It consists of a pair of shoulder pads and knee pads, a collar, and a special visor called the Jiraiya Searcher (ジライサーチャー Jiraiya Sāchā?) that allows the wearer to analyze and see-through surroundings. They are equipped over the Jiraiya Suit during battle as part of a secondary transformation.

The Jiraiya Power Protector is ultimately inherited by Touma Amagi when he succeeds Toha as Jiraiya. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Ranger Key

Many years later, the Jiraiya Power Protector Suit or a duplication of the Suit is harnessed in the Jiraiya Metal Hero Key, one of six Metal Hero Keys held by the Space Sheriff, Geki Jumonji (Gavan Type G). When the keys were given to the Gokaigers, it was used by Gokai Green to transform into Jiraiya Power Protector. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z


  • In Jiraiya's appearance in recent crossovers, the Power Protector appears equipped onto the Jiraiya Suit by default. Production-wise this is most likely to conceal the suit actor inside the Jiraiya costume.


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