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Jiraishin awake

Jiraishin (磁雷神?): The giant statue of a war god that was kept within the depths of Mount Kongō. Stands approximately 20 meters (or 66 feet) tall, it serves as the guardian deity of the Pako against the greatest evils. Jiraiya can fuse with Jiraishin and control its movement by transporting himself into its chest. Jiraishin's weapons consists of the Indestructible Magnetic Bolt Sword (金剛磁雷剣 Kongō Jirai Ken?) and the Windmill Lance (風車槍 Fūsha Yari?). It is said to had been built by Prince Shōtoku with the purposes of protecting Pako. While Jiraishin appears in a total of six episodes following its first appearance in Episode 34, the only times that it fights a giant enemy are in Episode 35 against the Sorcerer Behemoth Gohma and in the final episode against a giant Dokusai. When not in use, Jiraishin is kept underground inside a giant rock seal with Jiraishin's name inscribed that covers it from up to its neck.


Jiraiya Technique - Jiraishin

Jiraishin vs. Konakijiji.

Jiraiya Technique - Jiraishin 2

Jiraishin vs. Oumukade.

Jiraishin's power is channelled by Gekiatsu Shuriken Gattai Gekiatsu Dai-OhIcon-crosswiki through the Jiraiya Nin ShurikenIcon-crosswiki used by AkaNingerIcon-crosswiki via his Ninja IchibantouIcon-crosswiki in order to turn the tide against the Advanced Yokai KonakijijiIcon-crosswiki, who had piggy-backed onto the NinningersIcon-crosswiki' robo in an attempt to crush it into the ground, repelling Konakijiji by emitting green flames, thus making Gekiatsu Dai-Oh too hot for the Yokai to handle. Shinobi 34: Enter Jiraiya, Legendary World Ninja! This technique was repeated in their battle against Advanced Yokai OumukadeIcon-crosswiki. Shinobi 35: Kinji Enters the Yokai Labyrinth!

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