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Jiraibuster (ジライバスター Jiraibasutā?) is Jiraiya's ray gun introduced in Episode 13, it appears to be a weapon handed down to the Yamaji family. It uses three different types of ammunition: a Medical Cartridge (メディカルカートリッジ Medikaru Kātorijji?) that shoots anesthetic rounds, a Signal Cartridge (通信カートリッジ Tsūshin Kātorijji?) that shoots signal rounds, and a Material Destruction Cartridge (器物破壊カートリッジ Kibutsu Hakai Kātorijji?) that can destroy rocks. The Jiraibuster is mainly used as a defensive weapon, since it is not capable of firing lethal shots.

In Episode 34Icon-crosswiki.png of NinningerIcon-crosswiki.png, Jiraiya shoots with the holster on it[note 1].


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  1. TakemotoIcon-crosswiki.png claims that the gun could not be pulled out due to the structure of the modeled object[1].
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