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Jealousto (ジェラシット Jerashitto?) is an old friend of Insarn's from high school, Jealousto was in love with the scientist and willing to do anything to receive her love. However, upon learning that she was in love with Kyousuke Jinnai, whom he was sent to capture, Jealousto goes all out to destroy that human with his jealousy-fueled fire attacks which include Fiery Jealousy Power (炎のジェラシーパワー Honō no Jerashī Pawā?) and Jealousy Flame Slash (ジェラシー炎斬り Jerashī Honō Giri?). But after being suddenly enlarged, with Kyousuke helping him win Insarn's love, Jealousto is defeated by Shinken Gokaioh. Though he survives the fight, Jealousto loses all respect from Insarn as she requests him to be launched into deep space with the garbage. Ending up at Earth among the trash, Jealousto finds his way to Takoyaki stand owned by a man named Nobuyuki; agreeing to become Nobuyuki's "pet" in exchange for food. But after the Gokaigers find him, they convince him to become Nobuyuki's apprentice instead. But the vendor's mother vehemently opposed the idea out of prejudice until Jerashid took a hit meant for her. However, Jealousto elopes with his vendor friend's mother as they open a hot springs inn together.

In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, Jealousto is imprisoned in the worst prison in the universe before he is released by the Gokaigers.

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Jealousto is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井 孝宏 Sakurai Takahiro?).

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