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Jamahl Leader Gaohm (ガオーム Gaōmu?) is the mysterious leader of the Jamahl, who first appeared as a tall figure with a white and purple robe and chitinous face. Gaohm possesses the power to teleport people to the Gaohm Zone (ガオームゾーン Gōmu Zōn?). Arriving to Earth, Gaohm planned to make the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building his base until the B-Fighters intervened.

He was supposedly killed by the B-Fighters later on, only to reappear as a gigantic torso floating in space with an exposed purple heart, a single one arm (the right one) and wires running all through and over/on his body. However, both forms were dummies used by the real Gaohm, a small embryonic entity in a tank full of liquid. Gaohm reveals that he was born from a space warp and wandered through space until he gained enough power to assemble the Jamahl for his life-long goal of capturing Saint Papilia so he can obtain immortality. To that end, he plans to destroy all life on Earth, using the Jamahl Hole (ジャマールホール Jamāru Hōru?), by sucking up the world's atmosphere so everyone dies, luring Saint Papilia to revive Earth. Gaohm plans to capture her and force her to grant him immortality. After he creates the Jamahl Hole, he is killed when his fortress crashes on Earth.

Gaohm's true form

Gaohm was later revived and absorbed by Jagul in the series finale.

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