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Input Cardguns (インプットカードガン Inputto Kādogan?): Sidearms for the main three B-Fighters. Activated
Input Cardguns

Input Cardgun

Input Cards

Input Cards

Bright Pointer2

Combined with the Bright Pointer.

Tonbou Gun2

Combined with the Tonbou Gun.

with the various Input Cards, which were inserted in the back "chamber", and stored in the sloping rectangular section when not in use. Numbers as follows:
  • IC-01. Attack Beam (アタックビーム Atakku Bīmu?): Standard energy blast
  • IC-02. Fire Beam (ファイヤービーム Faiyā Bīmu?): Blast of fire
  • IC-03. Jamming Beam (ジャミングビーム Jamingu Bīmu?): Blast of disrupting sound waves that stun enemies
  • IC-04. Needle Laser (ニードルレーザー Nīdoru Rēzā?): Blast of small needle-like darts
  • IC-05. Cement Beam (セメントビーム Semento Bīmu?): Blast of cement that hardens when it hits its target
  • IC-06. Cold Beam (コールドビーム Kōrudo Bīmu?): Freezing blast of cold
  • IC-07. Tornado Shower (トルネードシャワー Torunēdo Shawā?): Blast of powerful air at high speeds

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