Heroic Fighter Wogger II figth with Metalder

Heroic Fighter Wogger II

Heroic Fighter Wogger (ウォッガー Voggā?) is a master of the spear. His entire body looks like a collection of grey tubes. He accompanies Chuubo in his attack on Dr. Koga, which also leads to his first battle with Metalder. In Episode 14 he gains a chance to battle Metalder again, though this time alongside Madonna. He is the first to admit being impressed by Madonna's battle skills and the first to inform her about her promotion. In battle he discharges electrical energy from the tip of his pendulum-bladed spear, manipulate enough wind to generate a sandstorm, and can remote control metal bars. He imprisons Metalder in a deep ditch by using this sandstorm attack, and tries to bury him alive, with the help of some projecting and imprisoning bars. After escaping from the trap, Metalder uses one of the bars as a weapon and causes Wogger to lose his footing. In a classic feint, he calls out to Metalder for assistance. When Metalder approaches him, Wogger unleashes more aggressive attacks, until Metalder realizes he was a lost cause and uses his Laser Arm attack to slice Wogger in half. In Episode 27, Wogger II first appears. He is summoned to lead the hunt for a triad of biological experiments called Gorigons which had escaped from the Ghost Bank. He is defeated by Metalder during the hunt, when Metalder uses his Metal Tornado Move on him. He was restored and makes his final appearance, in battle, in Episode 37 while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He is destroyed for good by Metalder's Laser Arm attack.

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