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Heroic Fighter Jars is a shark-headed fighter in white tights with twin shoulder cannons and four cannons on his upper arms as well as the ability to jump high into the air. In Episode 11, he rats out Gochak when the robot helps Bigwayne escape. In Episode 15, he fights Metalder as part of the Empire's initial assault that day. He also attacks Metalder briefly in the Ghost Bank in Episode 19. In Episode 22, he battles Metalder and leads the day's attack. He is accompanied by Goblit, Dedemos, and Gebaros. Metalder's Metal Tornado move defeats him. He is restored to full function in Episode 33 when he is defeated by Top Gunder during an interrupted training exercise. He is presumably rebuilt/restored soon afterwards, appearing in the background of Episode 36 when he is destroyed for good by a blast from Top Gunder.

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