This article is about a/an redeemed villain in Choujinki Metalder.

Heroic Fighter Barlock (バーロック Bārokku?) is an athlete dressed in blue-green tights and a silver mask resembling a Greek warrior. His outfit fits the theme of a scuba diver. He wields a scythe and chain in his right hand and a clawed gauntlet on his left hand that emits electricity. Barlock was a former decathlon athlete who sabotaged his rival's chance to enter the Olympics. After his rival committs suicide, he feels shame at his cowardice and seeks out challengers to prove himself. In Episode 8, he battles with Hedogross in the Ghost Bank for the chance to fight Metalder and wins. He later appears and snags Hedogross' hostage to use as bait to draw Metalder into battle. He is defeated, but not destroyed by Metalder's Laser Arm attack. Redeemed by fighting honorably, he sacrifices himself by taking a tank blast that was meant for Metalder, and possibly the hostage, thus killing him.

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