This article is about a/an villain in Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion.

Guilleau (ギョール Gyōru?) 13-44: a female spy and master of disguise, she and Brima become Mad Gallant's personal bodyguards after Iki's and Zampa's deaths by Juspion. Her weapons were a spear/flute/blowgun, not only could she shoot the blade on the end forward to explode against Juspion, but she could also play a tune on it to transform herself and others into different forms (such as disguising herself into a bird to spy on others, or to turn other people into animals to get this one boy to use his skills to draw Juspion being defeated). She could also use the flute to control others's minds but as a result of Juspion's armor he was immune to her flute, but however she could cause him to suffer vertigo so as to teleport herself and others to safety. In the end her flute was destroyed by Juspion, resulting in her and Brima combining into a wolf-beast form to attack Juspion. Both her and Brima died together when Juspion defeated them in that form.

Coalesced beast

Fusion Brima and Guilleau