This article is about a/an evil organization in Tokusou Robo Janperson.

Guild (ギルド Girudo?) was an evil organization of cyborgs whose goal was to eradicate and replace all humanity. Janperson eventually discovered their existence and destroyed the power source for their infiltration robots. The Guild ultimately fell when their leader self destructed in a last ditch effort to destroy Janperson. The Guild was succeeded by the Neo Guild.


Ben Fujinami

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Ben Fujinami (ベン藤波 Ben Fujinami?)

Foot Soldiers

The Guild only forces were human like Guild Assassin Robots (ギルド暗殺ロボット Girudo Ansatsu Robotto?) and Guild Combat Robots (ギルド戦闘ロボット Girudo Sentō Robotto?). They are deadly and built with a variety of weapons in their bodies. They would later serve the Neo Guild as GuilBlackers.

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