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Great Shell God Kabuterios (大甲神カブテリオス Daikōjin Kabuteriosu?) is the gold and black Shell God that can change into a giant robot Build Mode (ビルドモード Birudo Mōdo?) from a Big Beetle Mode (ビッグビートルモード Biggu Bītoru Mōdo?).

It normally stays inside the Shell God Seal Sword Astral Saber, but it can emerge and enlarge itself when needed. B-Fighter Kabuto can join with Kabuterios and control it. Kabuterios fights with the Shell God Sword (甲神剣 Kōjinken?) that can block laser blasts from Fly Gidorbas and can fire a powerful blast of fire, the Big Flare (ビュグフレア Biggu Furea?), or fire eye beams called the Terios Flash (テリオスフラッシ Teriosu Furasshu?), and an energy beam from its chest, the Glorious Flare (グロリアスフレア Guroriasu Furea?).


Later Appearances

Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit

Chapter 7: Extreme Great Shell God Super Kabuterios

Chapter 7 of Super Mode of Toei Metal Spirit depicts a design that would have enabled Kabuterios to combine with the Neo Beet Machines, with Kabutron becoming the right arm, Kuwaga Tank becoming the left arm, Stealth Gyro becoming a winged jetpack, armed with a new sword and Kuwaga Tank's pincers. This form is called "Extreme Great Shell God Super Kabuterios".


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