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Great King Mons Drake (大王モンス・ドレイク Daiō Monsu Doreiku?), also known as Monsu Doreiku of the Planet (惑星のモンス・ドレイク Wakusei no Monsu Doreiku?), was the leader of Warstar, an intergalactic armada used by Buredoran of the Comet in his agenda against the Goseigers. Eventually, Mons Drake attempts to transfer Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash into the Earth to burn every human. However, he is instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and consumed in the resulting explosion.

Mons Drake makes his return in Gokaiger vs. Gavan in which he, alongside Kinggon and Robogorg, appears as an Makuu Space illusion and battles Gokai Red and Gokai Pink as they transform into Gosei Red and Gosei Pink. He is last seen incinerated during the destruction of Makuu Prison at the hands of Gokaigers.

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