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This article is about a/an mecha/base in Uchuu Keiji Sharivan.

Grand Birth

Grand Birth (Battle Birth Formation).

Grand Birth (グランドバース Gurando Bāsu?) is a super-dimensional battle mothership that serves as a base for Sharivan and Lily, as it circles around the Earth. It can transforms into a giant robot form Battle Birth Formation (バトルバース・フォーメーション Batoru Bāsu Fōmēshon?), and makes a support attack.


  • Total length: 410 m
  • Overall width: 357.5 m
  • Weight: 65000 t.


Armed during the battleship form with Birth Beam (バースビーム Bāsu Bīmu?) launched from the bridge part. This part becomes the head when it is in the form of a giant robot, but even when it is a battleship, it can be moved like a turret to change the line of sight of Birth Beam. The nose part is a hangar, where Motosharian and Sharinger Tank was launched.

Armed during the giant robot form, the double beam Grand Buster (グランドバスター Gurando Basutā?) equipped on the shoulder, and the main gun Plasma Cannon (プラズマカノン Purazuma Kanon?) developed by applying the solar heat amplification system Hoshino Space Cannon (a weapon that Gavan's father Voicer protected its blueprint in the previous series), which is installed on the waist[note 1]. In Episode 41, there is also Plasma Cannon TYPE-II (プラズマカノン TYPE-II Purazuma Kanon Taipu Tsu?)[note 2] that simultaneously fires both.

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In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z, it combines with with Vavilos and Electronic Starbeast Dol to perform their attack "Big Grand Fire".


  1. The details were told when Tsukiko reappeared in Episode 23.
  2. Also known as Plasma Jetter (プラズマジェッター Purazuma Jettā?).
  • In the early few episodes, the Grand Buster and Plasma Cannon were sometimes reversed.
  • In the Toei Tokusatsu Heroes Official subtitles, Grand Birth was erronously called "Grand Verse".