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Gold-Platinum (ゴールドプラチナム Gōrudo Purachinamu?) is a golden super space-time warrior who suddenly began to participate in the battle between Blue SWAT and aliens.

Fictional Character Biography

A friendly alien who appears halfway into the series. Arrive on Earth through the space-time rift after sensing Show's anger. After giving Show a new weapon that allows him to upgrade into Hyper Show, he becomes a member of the team.

It varies from story to story, but due to the "restoring force" of the space-time wall, it is not possible to stay on Earth for a long time. In the final episode, he decided to take a special attack with Pulsar Pod in order to destroy the comet that was about to fall to the Earth, and described his identity as "a crystal of the will to pray for people's peace". This special attack, leaving behind saying that if everyone's wishes are gathered, his new self will be born again. He disappeared with the comet.


Gold-Platinum with Gravion.

Gold-Platinum has various supernatural powers such as shooting attacks using Gravion, telepathy, and restoration of objects. He can travel through various time-space using the space-time rift called Hyper Rupture (ハイパーラプチャー Haipā Rapuchā?).

Arsenal & Mechanics


  • Gravion - Gold-Platinum's personal weapon.
  • Star Fortress - Gold-Platinum's vehicle.
    • Pulsar Pod

Behind the Scenes


Gold-Platinum was voiced by Masaki Terasoma (てらそま 昌紀 Terasoma Masaki?). His suit actor is Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦 Imai Yasuhiko?).