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"I'm shrouding myself in the Darkness of the Night!"
―Gozo upon transforming into God Neros.[src]

God Neros (ゴッドネロス Goddo Nerosu?) is the leader of the Neros Empire. God Neros has a god complex and wants to rule the world through the arms market. His original identity is that of Kunio Muraki (村木 國夫 Muraki Kunio?), a former technical major within the Japanese Army who assisted Dr. Koga in development of the Choujinki project. Testing on prisoners of war led to Muraki's arrest and supposed execution at Singapore, but he managed to fake his death by bribing prison officials. Muraki escapes to America where he joins several criminal syndicates, eventually killing their leaders off and stealing their riches. In addition, he undergoes plastic surgery to alter his appearance, making himself appear much more youthful than he really is. He then builds the Kirihara Konzern under the name of Gozo Kirihara (桐原 剛造 Kirihara Gōzō?). As far as the public knows, Gozo is a philanthropist at the head of an international financial empire. When entering the Ghost Bank, Kirihara undergoes a grotesque transformation revealing his true cyborg form as God Neros. He has Coolgin switch places with him, faking his death and manages to kill Top Gunder. In battle, God Neros can throw a sword like a spear, sprout tentacles from his throne to electrocute and bind opponents, blast lasers from the sphere on his helmet, and create/blast electrical energy from his hands. God Neros was beheaded at the end of the series by Metalder with the Laser Arm attack.


  • In the Brazilian dub, Gozo Kirihara was renamed to Makoto Dolbara while Kunio Muraki was renamed to Issao Muraki.

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