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Gilmaza, Spectre Queen of the Dark Galaxy (ギルマーザ? 39-46): Gilza's elder sister, debuting shortly after Gilza's death. In order to receive some of Satan Gorth's evil power, Gilmaza infiltrated several planets across the Universe and slowly caused the extinctions of these civilisations through sutile strategies - such as, in Planet Zobos, by preaching the worship of Satan Gorth to young people and ruining them, drowning the planet in a wave of crimes; or, in Planet Sweet, by cleverly manipulating the leaders of East and West, leading them ultimately to war. She died with the Aliens, after Satan Goss was killed and the energy he released vaporized them all. She has the 5 Space Ninjas as her top soldiers.


  • Diagoras (40)
  • Deathdran (41)
  • Badelges (44)
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