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This article is about a/an weapon in Tokkei Winspector.

Giga Streamer (Drill Mode)

Giga Streamer (Plasma Bullet Shooter Mode)

Giga Streamer (Maxim Mode)

Giga Streamer in Solbrain which Commander Masaki got ten days ago.

Sol Braver with Giga Streamer (Maxim Mode).

A blueprint which showcases the prototype of Giga Streamer.

Giga Streamer (ギガストリーマー Giga Sutorīmā?) is the strongest weapon of Winspector Team. First used to defeat the evil robot police name Brian, who was created with same program like Bikel and Walter. Giga Streamer has the 3 modes: Drill Mode, Plasma Bullet Shooter Mode and Maxim Mode. When Fire wants to use Maxim Mode, he must combine his Max Calibur with the Giga Streamer to perform the finish attack. Later, Sol Braver use the Giga Stream to defeat the chameleon-robot. '