This article is about a/an space sheriff in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Gallian Magdalion was the Crown Prince of the Planet Nalax prior to the Kuuma-supported coup by his uncle Izcaruz which resulted in the death of his parents. His training for the Kingship of Nalax, coupled with his heritage, makes him a talented and dedicated leader. As the Blue Zaido and head of the Zaido he was tasked to look for other Zaidos all over the world to help him fight for the safety of the universe. He is one of the grandsons of Shaider . During his first stay on Earth he met Carmela who he believed was his fiancé Princess Arianna. Based on his rank, his name, having the commander's daughter as his love and his alien origins he represents Uchuu Keiji Gavan. He also has the power of telekinesis. When he transforms he says the words: Codename: Zaido Blue: Alagad ng Kapayapaan (Sentinel of Peace).  He met Alexis and Cervano,  his two cousins who are also Shaider's grandchildren, and they transformed into Zaido Green and Zaido Red.  In the end he says goodbyes to his friends and leaves Planet Earth along with Carmela and others and becomes a commander in the Galactic Force finally marrying Carmela.

Weapons and arsenal

  • Zaido Blade – a powerful sword used by the three Zaidos. Its finishing move is Zaido Super Slash.
  • Zaido Blaster – a laser gun used to shoot enemies and monsters.
  • Zaido Badges – the henshin devices which have the ability to transform into Zaido. Carmela and Amy can transform themselves also but not in Zaido armor.
  • Zaido Moves


  • Zaido Falcons – an updated version of Shaider's Blue Hawk used to transport them into Time Space Warp.
  • Avilo – an updated version of Shaider's Vavilos. This vehicle has two modes: a giant robot and a giant gun which can wipe out Kuuma gunships and occasionally gigantic monsters. The interior also houses a command center.
  • Sky Fighter – an updated version of Shaider's Sky Shaian used to wipe out Kuuma spaceships.
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