Furocious is a blue moth-headed monster with brown fur. Furocious could breathe fire in battle.

In "Operation Frankenbeans," Vexor's strategy to harm the kids was to constantly disrupt their daily lives so they would fail school. To add further complications, Furocious was called upon by Vexor. Once the kids saw through Vexor's plan, he was sent back to the comics when Roland used/powered up his Green Hunter Claw.

Vexor mentioned that this creature was from issue #136 of the Beetleborgs comics.


  • The costume for Furocious was recycled for Men in White as one of the aliens on Glaxxon's ship.
  • The costume for Furocious later appeared in the Power Rangers in Space episode "Countdown to Destruction" as a member of Divatox's army.

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