Furious Fighter Jamune (ジャムネ Jamune?) is a cyborg boxer with expensive upper body padding. In battle, he can launch his boxing glove-shaped fists at his opponents and is equipped with glove bombs. In Episode 8, he is Barlock's lackey, helping him retrieve the scientist hostage that the Neros Empire had taken. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap, and sneaks an attack on Metalder later. He also appears alongside Chuubo in Episode 19. In Episode 21, he battles Metalder one-on-one. Metalder defeats him by discovering his weak spot in his legs and knees. Metalder defeats Jamune with his Metal Tornado move, which knocks Jamune into a lake and out of the battle. He was restored to full function in Episode 33, but was defeated by Top Gunder during an interrupted training exercise. In Episode 37, he was restored again and made his final appearance while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and Top Gunder. He was destroyed for good by a fatal shot from Top Gunder.

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