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The original trio of B-Fighters in Juukou B-Fighter. The members use Bio-armor developed by the Earth Academia's brightest and infused with the life force of insects.

The B-Fighters of the first generation sometimes appear and help out the new generation. After destroying the Jamahl, they were transferred to the Cosmo Academia branch. They occasionally aid the New Generation B-Fighters before Guru dies, destroying their ability to become B-Fighters.

First Generation of B-Fighters

Blue Beet Takuya Kai
G-Stag Daisaku Katagiri
Reddle Rei HayamaMai Takatori

Team History

B-Fighter Kabuto

B-fighter kabuto

The First Generation with the New Generation of B-Fighters.

Space Squad

B-Fighters in Space Squad

Blue Beet with B-Fighter Kabuto.

Alongside B-Fighter Kabuto, Blue Beet was a candidate to join the Space SquadIcon-crosswiki, a combined force of Sentai and Metal Heroes assembled by the Galactic Union Police under Geki Jumonji to combat the Genmakuu crime cult. Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


Evidently, Blue Beet was indeed inducted as a member of Space Squad. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs. Space Squad


  • B-Commanders (ビーコマンダー Bī Komandā?) are the B-Fighter's transformation devices. The transform command is "Juukou!" (重甲! Jūkō!, Heavy Shell!?). The B-Commanders later disappear with Guru's death in B-Fighter Kabuto.
  • Input Magnums (インプットマグナム Inputto Magunamu?): The Input Magnum is the B-Fighter's sidearm. It has a ten-key pad on the side, and by keying in different combinations of three numbers the gun can fire a variety of different projectiles, although not all of these are used on the show.
    • 110: Beam Mode (can also be used in Saber Magnum mode)
    • 119: Fire Extinguishing Mode or Cooling Mode
    • 010: Freezing Mode
    • 818: Flame Mode
    • 964: Flash Mode
    • 108: Ultrasonic Beam
    • 026: Boiling Water Mode
    • 289: Magnetic Beam
    • 305: Torimochi Bullets
    • 264: Flash Bullets
    • 967: Anti-Gravity Beam
    • 049: Rescue Signal
    • 088: Laughing Gas
    • 409: Anesthetic
    • 054: Recovery
  • Stinger Weapons (スティンガーウェポン Sutingā Wepon?) are the B-Fighters' signature wrist-mounted weapons.
    • Stinger Blade (スティンガーブレード Sutingā Burēdo?) is Blue Beet's Stinger Weapon. It's a triangular sword-like weapon. Its powerful attack is the Beetle Break (ビートルブレイク Bītoru Bureiku?)
    • Stinger Drill (スティンガードリル Sutingā Doriru?) is an augmented Stinger Weapon used by Blue Beet after a fight with Black Beet damaged the Stinger Blade. A large drill attaches to the wrist-piece of the Stinger Weapon. The front and back halves of the drill rotate in opposite directions, and his attack with it is the Strike Blast (ストライクブラスト Sutoraiku Burasuto?), a charging stab that bores a hole through his enemies. It first appeared in episode 21.
    • Stinger Claw (スティンガークロー Sutingā Kurō?) is G-Stag's Stinger Weapon. It's a large yellow pincer-like claw that he can use to crush enemies or grab them. And it can use as the Stinger Boomerang (スティンガーブーメラン Sutingā Būmeran?). Its powerful attack is the Raging Slash (レイジングスラッシュ Reijingu Surasshu?).
    • Stinger Plasmar (スティンガープラズマー Sutingā Purazumā?) is Reddle's Stinger Weapon. It's an array of 4 red beam emitters that fire powerful beams of red ion energy. Its powerful attack is the Tornado Spark (トルネードスパーク Torunēdo Supāku?).
  • Pulsabers (パルセイバー Paruseibā?) is a short sword modeled after a Hercules Beetle with a gold blade which first appeared in episode 22. Used by each of the B-Fighters, they have voice-activated features and can be used with Mega Herakles. With this each fighter can execute the PulSlash (パルスラッシュ Parusurasshu?), a diagonal slash with the Pulsaber. The Pulsaber can also attach to the top of the Input Magnum to form the Saber Magnum weapon.
  • Saber Magnums (セイバーマグナム Seibā Magunamu?) is a combination of the Input Magnums and Pulsabers. It can fire a powerful beam of energy in the Maxim Beam Mode (マキシムビームモード Makishimu Bīmu Mōdo?). The Maxim Boiling Water mode was used in Episode 26 in a finishing strike led by G Stag.
  • Beet Ingram (ビートイングラム Bīto Inguramu?) is a red and white semi-automatic-like double-barreled gun. Its legend is that it can only be used by a great hero. The top of the Beet Ingram can fold forward and over the barrels so that they are covered by a single barrel with two pincerlike armatures protruding from it. In this mode it can be combined with Blue Beet's Pulsaber by attaching the Pulsaber to the top, to create the Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo?), whose power reached full potential when wielded by Super Blue Beet for Super Final Blow (スーパーファイナルブロー Sūpā Fainaru Burō?) attack. The Beet Ingram is seen in a flashback in B-Fighter Kabuto episode 35.
  • Sonic Flap (ソニックフラップ Sonikku Furappu?) is B-Fighters' ultrasonic wave attack.
  • Training Robots (2, 36): Three drone robots built for the B-Fighters to test their arsenal on.
  • EIG (11): Short for Electronic Intense Heat Gun, it is an experimental thermal laser that shoots a beam of intense heat. It was once used by the B-Fighters when they needed to disable Ikari Bomber's self-detonation chip to defeat him.
B-Fighter Kabuto
  • Ultra High-Frequency Machine (超高周波発生装置 Chōkōshūha Hassei Sōchi?) is a cannon type weapon that was developed at the New York head office.
  • Sonic Flap - Wave of Light (ソニックフラップ・光の波動 Sonikku Furappu Hikari no Hadō?) is a combination attack that upgraded the Sonic Flap.

Beet Machines

Main article: Beet Machines

The Beet Machines (ビートマシン Bīto Mashin?) are the mecha used by the B-Fighters to fight the Jamahl fighter jets, usually come by the command, "Beet Machines, launch!"

  • Mega Beet Formation (メガビートフォーメーション Mega Bīto Fōmēshon?): When the three Beet Machines are docked on the top of Mega Herakles in this combination, it can use a massive energy cannon located on its front "horn", called the Mega Beet Cannon (メガビートキャノン Mega Bīto Kyanon?).
  • Beetluder (ビートルーダー Bītorūdā?) is Blue Beet's Beet Machine. From the two tips of its horn, it can fire the Beet Blazer (ビートブレイザー Bīto Bureizā?). It uses the Beet Cannons (ビートキャノン Bīto Kyanon?) and the Rescue Seile (レスキューザイール Resukyū Zairu?). It can attach the Magnet Attachment (マグネアタッチメント Magune Atatchimento?) concealed within the Stagger Tank onto its horn also in Flap Formation. With the magnet in place, the Beetluder can fire the Beetractor (ビートラクター Bītorakutā?).
  • Stagger Tank (スタッガータンク Sutaggā Tanku?) is G-Stag's Beet Machine. It has a double-barreled cannon, the Stag Buster (スタッグバスター Sutaggu Basutā?). It uses the Stagger Cannons (スタッガーキャノン Sutaggā Kyanon?) and the Stagger Scissors (スタッガーシザース Sutaggā Shizāsu?). It can attach the Drill Attachment (ドリルアタッチメント Doriru Atatchimento?) stored in the Beetluder in Flap Formation onto its grabbers.
  • Red Gyro (レッドジャイロ Reddo Jairo?) is Reddle's Beet Machine. It has two gyro wings and a laser cannon known as the Red Pulser (レッドパルサー Reddo Parusā?). It can attack with the Red Cannons (レッドキャノン Reddo Kyanon?) and the Gyro Typhoon (ジャイロタイフーン Jairo Taihūn?). It contains the Wire Hand (ワイヤーハンド Waiyā Hando?) that can be used with the Beetluder's Magnet Attachment to lift objects. It can fire the Fire Crash (ファイヤークラッシュ Faiyā Kurasshu?), a powerful beam, in Attack Formation (アタックフォーメーション Atakku Fōmēshon?) with the Stagger Tank.
  • Mega Herakles (メガヘラクレス Mega Herakuresu?) is the Super Beet Machine (スーパービートマシン Sūpā Bīto Mashin?) based on a Hercules Beetle and controlled with the Pulsabers. It comes via the command "Mega Herakles, launch!". It has an auto-pilot mode and two parts, Jet Herakles (ジットヘラクレス Jetto Herakuresu?); A jet-like vehicle, it is the "horn" of the main mecha flown by Blue Beet; and Land Herakles (ランドヘラクレス Rando Herakuresu?), which is made up of the main body. It carries the three mecha of the B-Fighters into battle. Its weapons are the Mega Cannon (メガキャノン Mega Kyanon?), Beam Vulcan (ビームバルカン Bīmu Barukan?), Anti-Magnetic Wave (反磁力波 Han Jiryokuha?).


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