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Fire Ninja Chang Kung-Fu (火忍 チャンカンフー Kanin Chan Kan Fū?): A 90-years-old ninja from Hong Kong who can control fire. In Episode 4, he cooperates with the Sorcerers Clan in order to obtain the Pako for the purposes achieving eternal youth and immortality. His weapons include a ninja blade, a chain and sickle, a nunchaku, and a three-sectioned staff. He wrap his opponents with his chain and sickle, as well as attack them with his illusionary flames. He also has a special skill called the Art of the Three Illnesses (三病の術 San'ya no Jutsu?), which causes his opponent to take him lightly, over-analyze the situation and then fill the opponent with fear. After Chang Kung-Fu is defeated, his son seeks revenge on Jiraiya to avenge his death in Episodes 10 and 11. The son, in addition to having the same outfit and abilities as his father, uses a specially prepared type of Ramen noodles from Hong Kong that ties the mobility of his opponents.

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