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Finish Weapons (フィニッシュウェポン Finisshu Weapon?): For the main three B-Fighters. These can fire Electric Shockwaves (エレクトリックショックウェーブ Erekutorikku Shokkuwēbu?), crossing two or three.

Finish Weapons

Kabuto Lancer

Main article: Kabuto Lancer

Kabuto Lancer (カブトランサー Kabuto Ransā?): Kabuto's Finish Weapon. Its finishing attacks are the Liner Blast (ライナーブラスト Rainā Burasuto?) and Cavalier Lancer (キャバリアランサー Kyabaria Ransā?) on the Road Kabuto.

Kuwagar Chopper

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Kuwagar Chopper (クワガーチョッパー Kuwagā Choppā?): Kuwagar's Finish Weapon. Its finishing attack is the Gravity Crush (グラビティクラッシュ Gurabiti Kurasshu?).

Tentou Spear

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Tentou Spear (テントウスピアー Tentō Supiā?): Tentou's Finish Weapon. Its finishing attack is the Crossway Slicer (クロスウェイスライサー Kurosuwei Suraisā?).

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