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Fierce Fighter Rhapsody (ラプソディ Rapusodi?) is a peaceful Musical Robot with a Stradivarius violin. However, when this robot is upgraded and plays his violin, Metalder's circuits go haywire and seem to paralyze his suit. Rhapsody was originally an unranked and friendly robot, like the repair robots, before being upgraded/promoted by the Emperor. He battles Tagsky and Tagsron in the Ghost Bank and wins the chance to fight Metalder. In the battle with the brothers, he breaks both their weapons. Fighting Metalders, he is struck by Metalder's Laser Arm attack, which seems to turn him back into a peaceful violinist. This doesn't last, as Darbarbo soon appears and blasts him, causing him to fall over and explode. Both Metalder and the Neros Empire remember his memory and musical talents. In Episode 19, it is revealed that he has been rebuilt and is no longer at Fierce Fighter status. He appears when a little girl becomes lost inside the Ghost Bank. He manages to protect her from the other robots and mutants by hiding her behind his cape until Chuubo discovers them together. He also plays the little girl a song for which she gives him a flower. After helping Metalder and Top Gunder rescue the girl, he leaves the Empire. Rhapsody has decided to stay good and is last seen working for what appears to be a carnival/boardwalk by entertaining patrons with his musical talents. He appears again in Episode 31, still working as a peaceful carnival entertainer. As a combatant he had reinforced armor, high jumping, rose dart bombs, and his violin could emit electric bolts.

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