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This article is about a/an villain in B-Fighter Kabuto.

Kuwaga Titan!

Evil Shell God Kuwaga Titan (邪甲神クワガタイタン Jakōjin Kuwaga Taitan?) is the green and black Shell God that can change into a giant robot Build Mode from a Big Stag Beetle Mode (ビッグスタッグビートルモード Biggu Sutaggu Bītoru Mōdo?).

Kuwaga Titan Big Stag Beetle Mode

It stays inside the Geist Axe until called forth, and was originally controlled by B-Crusher Descorpion, later by Mother Melzard, and was used for evil.

However, Kuwaga Titan was (despite his title) not actually evil and once fought alongside Kabuterios, and at the end of the series allowed B-Fighter Kuwagar to use it to fight for good.

Evil Shell Sword

Kuwaga Titan can fire a blast of energy, the Titanic Flare (タイタニックフレア Taitanikku Furea?) using the Evil Shell Sword (邪甲剣 Jakōken?) (it can be used to block Kabuterios' Big Flare), shoot lightning from its left fist called the Titanic Thunder (タイタニックサンダー Taitanikku Sandā?); or a blast of lightning from either its eyes or antennae.

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