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Emperor Guillotine (ギローチン皇帝 Girōchin Kōtei?, 2440 & 43): He claims to be a descendant of Waller, which therefore makes him a relative of Pandora. He was summoned from the 23rd century, by a talking gerbil created by Dr. Bio's experiments, from the life of a street beggar to help Pandora in the present. The gerbil told him that his life as a beggar was caused by Spielban. Though he treats his followers and allies as somewhat disposable, he remains eternally loyal to his Queen. Guillotine kept the talking gerbil for a pet, who is later left to Pandora, after he is rifted and destroyed. He dislikes Youki from the start, sensing that this new general will betray the Waller. Guillotine is dressed similarly to a rebel biker. He falls into a dimensional rift and returns as a ghost. As a ghostly form he invades the Grand Nasca and attempts to torture Helen. In this form his right arm has been replaced by a small, living, snake-like monster, which he could launch at the heroes. He was eventually defeated by Spielban with the help of the Grand Nasca's energy. The talking gerbil was later contained and killed by Dr. Ben during the finale. He remains dead in the alternate future time line, as he was pulled from it, before being recruited by Pandora.


  • Emperor Guillotine shares his name with the main antagonist of the 1967 Toei tokusatsu Giant Robo.

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