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Electroilar (デンジラー Denjirā?): An electricity-themed robot that can attack with electricity. A robotics professor was visiting the Edison shop with his collection of robots. The robots looked more like oversized toys, except for one that was modeled with the appearance (and strength) of a weightlifter, called Samson. Later that night Electroilar used its electrical current to take control of the robots, including the robot strongman. Spielban went to look for the missing robots and found them causing havoc throughout the city. While Spielban battled the robots he tried to reason with Samson, but Electroilar gave it more juice to overpower Spielban. While regrouping at the Edison Shop Daigorou told Spielban and Diana that the professor grew depressed and went to find his beloved robots on his own. Spielban then disguised himself as a robot for the Waller to capture, but his plan was complicated when the Kinclons found the inventor snooping around and captured him. Spielban removed his disguise and battled Electroilar while Diana took on Samson. Diana was saved when the professor snipped the wires in Samson's head, disabling it. Electroilar still remained but Spielban transported the battle to a rock quarry where it was soon destroyed by his Arc Impulse. Initially it seemed to be ineffective, but it did bring the battle up close, although this Waller monster required much more slashing than most other. The professor was then reunited with all of his stolen robots, including the strongman robot.

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