Nukus' Dregs.


Vilor's Dregs.

The Dregs are the foot soldiers of the Crustaceans. Nukus' Dregs consisted of a Stego Dreg, a Ptera Dreg, and a Spider Dreg. Vilor's Dregs consisted of a Fish Dreg, a Jellyfish Dreg, and a Squid Dreg.

Unlike foot soldiers in most series, these are not an identical band of soldiers, but the monster designs Lester Fortunes didn't consider his best work when Nukus sprung him from prison. They're the Dregs because they're from the bottom of the barrel. As such, each Dreg is a unique monster, though there are a few design elements common to each squad of them. Nukus brought them to life alongside Horribelle and Vilor.


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